The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a voluntary community service program in India that aims to instill the spirit of social welfare and civic responsibility among the youth. Established in 1969, NSS operates under the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It involves students in various activities that contribute to community development, such as health camps, cleanliness drives, environmental initiatives, and awareness campaigns. NSS seeks to foster a sense of social consciousness, empathy, and leadership skills in participants, encouraging them to actively engage in addressing societal challenges. Through its motto, "Not Me, But You,"

NSS emphasizes selfless service and the importance of contributing to the well-being of society.

About us

Welcome to the NSS Unit of Shyam Lal College, where we believe in the power of community service, awareness, and positive change. We are not just a unit; we are a family dedicated to creating positive ripples in society. The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a youth-oriented voluntary service program that aims to inculcate the values of social service, national integration, and community engagement among college and university students.


The NSS unit of our college has the following aims:

    1. Community Service:NSS aims to engage students in various community service activities that contribute to the overall development of the community. This includes activities such as healthcare campaigns, environmental conservation, literacy programs, and rural development projects.

    2. Personality Development:NSS focuses on the holistic development of students by providing them with opportunities to enhance their leadership skills, communication skills, and overall personality. Through participation in NSS activities, students develop a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and empathy..

    3.Social Awareness:NSS seeks to create awareness among students about social issues and challenges. By actively participating in various social service initiatives, students gain a better understanding of the needs of society and are motivated to contribute to its betterment.

    4. National Integration:NSS emphasizes the importance of national unity and integration. By working together on community projects, students from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among them.

    5. Health and Hygiene:NSS encourages health-related activities such as blood donation camps, health awareness programs, and cleanliness drives. These initiatives aim to promote a healthy lifestyle and instill a sense of responsibility for one's well-being and that of others.

    6. Environmental Sustainability:NSS often involves students in activities that promote environmental conservation and sustainability. Tree planting drives, waste management initiatives, and awareness programs contribute to creating a more environmentally conscious and responsible citizenry.

    7. Civic Engagement:NSS motivates students to actively participate in civic life and be responsible citizens. This includes activities such as voter awareness campaigns, cleanliness drives in public spaces, and other initiatives that contribute to the betterment of society.

    8. Skill Development:NSS provides students with opportunities to develop practical skills, including organizational skills, problem-solving abilities, and project management capabilities. These skills are valuable for personal and professional growth.

    Team Members
    • • Dr. Swati Yadav- Programme Officer
    • • Prof. Kavita Arora
    • • Dr. Parbhat Sharma
    • • Dr. Anant Kumar Upadhyay
    • • Dr. Saubhagyalaxmi Singh
    • • Mr. Amit Kumar
    • • Ms. Ashani Dhar
    • • Ms. Suman Rani
    • • Mr. Manish Kumar
    • • Mr. Sandeep Kumar
    • • Mr. Mukesh Kumar

S.No. Name Link
1 Yoga camp 2024 (14th -21st June, 2024) view
2 Online Webinar Jallianwala Bagh Massacre and Baisakhi 13.04.24 view
3 Yamuna Ghat Cleanliness Drive 12.4.24 view
4 Online Webinar on World Health Day 7.4.24 view
5 Report on “Holi Celebration”in old age home 22.3.24 view
6 “Skit On No Smoking” 13.3.24 view
7 “Selfie Frame for Voters Awareness” 6.3.24 view
9 BEST OUT OF WASTE” competition 26.2.24 view
10 FULL BODY HEALTH CHECKUP CAMP 15th-16th Feb, 24 view
11 Debate And Speech Competition 12.2.24 view
12 “Cyber Security Awareness Event by NSS” 2.2.24 view
13 “Celebration of MARTYRS' DAY” 30.1.24 view
14 Republic Day Celebration at Campus 25.1.24 view
15 “Pledge on Voter’s Day” 25.1.24 view
16 Essay Writing Competition 24.1.24 view
18 “WINTER DONATION DRIVE” 29.11.23 view
19 No Crackers Campaign 9.11.23 view
20 Blood Donation Camp 31.10.23 view
21 Cleanliness Drive on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti 1.10.23 view
22 “Orientation Session” 28.10.23 view
24 G20 Mock Summit 5.9.23 view
25 Plantation Drive by NSS in collaboration with Eco Club, SAP, and UBA view
26 Panch Pran Pledge by NSS in collaboration with Eco Club, SAP, and UBA view
27 HAR GHAR TIRANGA RALLY in collaboration with Eco Club, SAP, and UBA view
28 Debate Competition (Online) on the occasion of the 76th Year of Independence view
29 Cleanliness Drive on the occasion of the 76th Year of Independence view

S.No. Name Link
Team Members view
1 Painting Competition by Delhi Traffic Police” on 12.1.23 view
2 Documentry screening on National Youth Day 12.1.23 view
3 Cleanliness Drive at Ghat No.21 on 15.1.2023 view
4 Nukkad Natak on 17.1.23 view
5 Group Discussion on YUVA Pakhwada on 17.1.23 view
6 “Poetry Competition on the Occasion of Parakram Diwas” on 23.1.23 view
7 Voter’s Registration Desk on 25.1.23 view
8 Two Days Visit to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium 23.1.23 view
9 Saraswati Puja on 25.1.23 view
10 “Poster Making Competition” on 25.1.23 view
11 Pledge on National Voter’s Day on 25.1.23 view
12 Awareness Session on Voter’s Rights and Duties on 25.1.23 view
13 Pariksha Pe Charcha” on 27.1.23 view
14 Group Discussion on World Cancer Day on 4.2.23 view
15 Plog Run Driveon 11.2.23 view
16 "SHASHAKTI” NSS Self Defence Camp on 18.2.23 view
17 International Mother Language Day on 21.2.23 view
18 Meditation & Mental Health “HAR GHAR DHYAN” on 3.3.23 view
19 “World Book Fair” on 5.3.23 view
20 “National Youth Conclave” on 13.3.23 view
21 "Bicycle Rally For Awareness About Cleanliness and Plastic-Free Delhi” on 18.3.23 view
22 "Bird Feeder & House Installation Drive” on 20.3.23 view
23 “Webinar On World Health Day” on 7.4.23 view
24 Awareness Session Report on “Traffic Rules And Helmet Use” on 10.4.23 view
25 Yamuna Festival 3.0 on 19.4.23 view
26 Quiz Competition on 20.6.23 view
27 Poster Making Competition on the occasion of International Yoga Day21.6.23 view
28 Webinar Report on “KYC: Concepts, Cases, Safeguards” on 6.7.22 view
29 MOCK DRILL on 8.7.22 view
30 YUVA SAMMELAN on 9.7.22 view
31 Exhibition of Paper Bags 12.7.22 view
32 Seminar Report on “Road Safety & Regulations” on 13.7.22 view
33 Jal Jeevan Mission Mahaquiz 16.7.22 view
34 Plantation Drive on 22.7.22 view
35 Movie Screening on KARGIL DIWAS 26.7.22 view
36 Cleanliness Drive on 27.7.22 view
37 Plantation Drive at Jheel Park on 28.7.22 view
38 Cleanliness Drive at Ghat No.21 on 31.7.22 view
39 Slogan Writing Competition on 3.8.22 view
40 Cleanliness Drive on 8.7.22 view
41 TIRANGA YATRA on 9.8.22 view
42 TIRANGA YATRA on 10.8.22 view
43 SELFIE POINT on 11.8.22 view
44 Documentary Screening on HISTORY OF INDIAN FLAG 12.8.22 view
45 Quiz Competition on 12.8.22 view
46 HAR GHAR TIRANGA CAMPAIGN on 13.8.22 view
47 Self Composed Poetry Competition on 13.8.22 view
48 Poster Making Competition 13.8.22 view
49 PRABHAT PHERI on 13.8.22 view
50 Cleanliness drive at Shahdara Railway Station 13.08.22 view
51 Cleanliness Drive 26.8.22 view
52 Plantation Drive on 29.8.22 view
53 Plantation Drive on 30.08.2022 view
54 Bhasan Pratiyogita on 9.9.22 view
55 S.S.S Research paper writing competition on 12.9.22 view
56 Career Counselling and Guidance on 19.9.22 view
57 Cleanliness Drive on 24.9.22 view
58 “Plantation Drive" on 24.9.22 view
59 Documentry Screening on HISTORY OF NSS on 24.9.22 view
60 Plantation Drive on 26.9.22 view
61 Voter I’d Awareness Drive on 26.9.22 view
62 Modi@20: Dreams Meet Del on 29.9.22 view
63 Cleanliness drive on 2.10.22 view
64 Participated In Matdata Junction on 03.10.22 view
65 Group Discussion Report on “Social Media And Mental Health, 10.10.22 view
66 Mission Walkathon on 10.10.22 for 9 Days view
67 Clean India Campaign 2.0 on 10.10.22 view
68 Awareness Rally on Prevention of Dengue in College Campus on 13.10.22 view
69 MEGA SWACCHATA DRIVE on 19.10.22 view
70 Awareness Drive on Prevention of Dengue in Shahdara Mandi on 20.10.22 view
71 Diwali Donation Drive on 21.10.22 view
72 RUN FOR UNITY CAMPAIGN on 25.10.22 for 6 Days view
73 PLEDGE CEREMONY on the occasion of NATIONAL UNITY DAY on 31.10.22 view
74 “Inter-College Painting Competition on 31.10.22 view
75 Inter College Speech Competition on 31.10.22 view
76 Plantation Drive At Jheel Park on 01.11.22 view
77 Seminar Report on “E-Waste and Solid Waste Management on 04.11.22 view
78 Centenary Run on 18.11.22 view
79 Plantation Drive In College Campus on 22.11.22 view
80 Inaugural Ceremony on Tribal Heroes’ Contribution in the Freedom Struggle on 24.11.22 view
81 Pledge on Constitution Day on 26.11.22 view
82 Cleanliness drive on 29.11.22 view
83 Orientation Session on 06.12.22 view
84 Survey on 14.12.22 view
85 Winter Donation Drive on 17.12.22 view
86 Inaugural Ceremony of International Conference at University Sports Complex” on 10.11.2022 view

S.No. Title Link
1 Faculty Members and Students Team view
2 Cleanliness Drive view
3 Blood Donation Camp view
4 Cleanliness Drive at Ghat No. 21 view
5 Cleanliness Drive Rally at Shahdara Mandi view
6 Oath Ceremony on Swachh Bharat view
8 National Unity Day Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Celebrations view
9 Orientation Program view
10 Slum visit on the occasion of Diwali view
11 National Cancer Awareness Day view
12 Children’s Day Celebration view
13 Janjatiya Gaurav Divas view
14 Constitution Day (National Law Day) Samvidhan Divas Celebrations view
16 Gita Mahotsav (Dec,14th 2021) on the occasion of "Gita Jayanti" view
18 TV debate on Sansad Television view
19 Awareness Drive against COVID-19(Omicron Cases) view
20 Hindi Diwas view

S.No. Name Link
1 Faculty & Student List 2020-21 view
2 Plantation drive view
3 Quiz Competition view
4 Poster making_competition view
6 Mental Fitness Webinar view
7 NEP_Webcast view
8 National Youth Festival 2021 view
9 Yamuna Festival 2021 view
10 Webinar on Covid-19 Care & Vaccination view
11 Sanitization Drive view
12 Awareness Drive view
13 Covid Response Task Force view
14 Workshop on Integrating Mind Body Soul view

S.No. Name Link
1 Faculty & Student List 2019-20 view
2 Rally on Water Conservation view
5 Orientation Program.pdf view
6 Awareness rally for Dengue and Malaria view
7 Yamuna Cleanliness Drive 2nd October 2019 view
8 Cleanliness Drive 2nd October 2019 view
9 150th Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations view
10 NSS -Donation Camp view
13 Constitution Day view
14 Winter Donation Drive view
15 National Road Safety Seminar view
16 Pledge for SWACHTA view
17 National Seminar on Environment Society and Culture view
18 NSS-Seminar on Fundamental Duties view
19 World Day of Social Justice view
20 Awareness Video to CORONA WARRIORS view
21 Interactive Session view
22 NSS-InternationaL Yoga Day view

S.No. Name Link
1 Faculty & Student List 2018-19 view
2 International Yoga Day 21 view
3 Swachhata_Abhiyan view
4 Revival of Compost Pits view
5 Visit to Shahdara Mandi view
6 Documentaries were screened on the themes of Cleanliness view
7 Donation Camp for Kerala Flood view
8 Surgical Strike Day,28 and 29 september 2018 view
9 Career Awareness Program 12 oct 2018 view
10 Book Donation Drive 31st Oct.-2nd Nov. 2018 view
11 A workshop on road safety  on 30th January 19 view
12 Street play and lecture on leprosy 18 Feb 2019 view
13 Health Checkup Camp view
14 Blood Donation Camp 10 april 2019 view
15 Rolling Project Jagriti view
16 Skit Performance in School view

S.No. Name Link
1 Faculty & Student List 2017-18 view
3 Quit India Movement view
4 Blood Donation Camp view
5 Plantation Drive view
6 NSS DAY view
7 NSS Winter Cloth Donation Camp view
8 Eye Checkup Camp view
9 Patel Birth Anniversary Celebration view
10 Rally for River view
11 National Voter Day view
12 Old Age Home view
13 Cyber Security Awareness Program view
14 Two Day Workshop on GST view
15 Self Defense Camp view

S.No. Name Link
1 List of Faculty Members and Students Team view
2 Presidential Address view
3 Anti Polythene Awareness Drive view
4 Independence Day Celebration view
5 Udaan Utsav view
7 Consumer Mela view
8 Cleanliness Drive view
9 Rally on Tree plantation and cleanliness drive view
10 National Integration Week view
11 Celebration of International Yoga Day, June 21,2017 view

S.No. Name Link
1 NSS Activities 2020 view
2 NSS Annual Report (2019-20) view
3 NSS Annual Report (2018-19) view
4 NSS Annual Report (2017-18) view
5 NSS Annual Report (2016-17) view
6 NSS Annual Report (2015-16) view