Equal Opportunity Cell

The college provides opportunities to all its students to excel in different areas of activities such as academics, sports and culture. At the same time, there is an awareness that the college needs to be sensitive to the needs of its differently-abled students as well as to students belonging to communities that have been historically denied various opportunities. In view of this, the college has an Enabling Unit coordinated by Mr. Nishant Kumar Singh, and an Equal Opportunity Unit coordinated by Mr. Vinod Nehra . The Enabling Unit tries to provide an enabling environment to differently-abled students through technological and other supports to enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. The Equal Opportunity Unit attempts to help students to overcome their historical deprivation and to enable them to give their very best on par with other students. Both these units of the college co-ordinate their activities with the Equal Opportunity Cell of the University.

Equal Opportunity Cell

Report of Committee on Facilities for PWD Students

Interaction of Enabling Unit With PWD Students

The Enabling Unit of SLC organized an interaction with PWD students in the library at 11:30 AM on February 21, 2017. Apart from all the 4 faculty members (undersigned) of Enabling Unit, 11 PWD students participated in the interaction. The students were informed about the existing facilities for them in the College including the new PWD Room recently inaugurated in the library, equipped with computers with screen readers for visually impaired students. The students were informed that new computers had been ordered by SLC for installation in PWD Room. They were also informed that they could use the flat bed scanner purchased for scanning of books and OCR software for converting images to text. The students were encouraged to participate in all SLC activities, and were pledged all support from SLC in this regard. Information was provided that all notices relevant to PWD students in particular would be displayed in the PWD Room. The members of Enabling Unit provided their contact details to students, to enable them to get in touch as and when they desired. A WhatsApp Group of PWD students and members of Enabling Unit was created for more effective communication in the group.

The students were encouraged to voice their expectations and concerns with regard to the facilities provided for them in SLC. The students expressed their views frankly. The visually impaired students pointed out that computer classes be organized for them to enable them to use the computers independently, as had been done in the College on an earlier occasion. The OH students pointed out that their classes be organized on ground floor in the first place, rather than they having to request for shifting of their classes to ground floor after the time table had been made. Some of the students pointed to certain facilities that existed for PWD students in some of the other colleges of Delhi University, but not in SLC. They were assured that SLC would do its best to meet their expectations, and that they needed to regularly interact with Enabling Unit.

Assurance was given by the Enabling Unit to students that their special placement needs will be addressed by SLC to the extent possible. Students were encouraged to participate in a seminar being organized by Placement Cell on February 28, 2017 on the topic Writing of CV and excelling in GD/Personal Interviews, in which their concerns would be specially addressed.

One of the students, Jai Shankar, who is visually impaired and has been provided Angel Pro device by the College on a returnable basis, informed that he had lost the device, and wanted to know if he had to pay compensation to College. The Enabling Unit considered this matter after the interaction was over, and decided that he be asked to pay some compensation as this would make other students to take better care of their devices.