IQAC Members
  1. Prof. Rabi Narayan Kar (Chairperson)
  2. Prof. Kusha Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Convenor
  3. Dr. Arkaja Goswami, Assistant Professor, Member
  4. Dr. Gayatri Chaturvedi, Assistant Professor, Member
  5. Dr. Samrendra Kumar, Assistant Professor, Member
  6. Dr. Sitaram Kumbhar, Assistant Professor, Member
  7. Dr. Kavita Arora, Assistant Professor, Member
  8. Dr. Ashu Gupta, Assistant Professor, Member
  9. Mr. Jagat Singh Chauhan, Administrative Officer
  10. Dr. Neelam Dabas, Associate Member
  11. Dr. Sunaina Zutshi, Associate Member
  12. Dr. Anuj Kumar Sharma, Associate Member
  13. Mr. Rahul Tomar, Associate Member
  14. Mr. Sushil Kumar, Associate Member
  15. Dr. Vivekanand Nartam, Associate Member

The IQAC is authorized to expand the Committee by incorporating additional members as per the NAAC mandate.

S.No. Name Department Link
1 Prof.V. K. Kaul Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi, South Campus. (View Profile)
2 Mr. Rajeev Saxena Director, Mazars India. (View Profile)