Institutional Aid/Freeships offered by SLC

The College has three different Fee Concession Committees for Science, Commerce and Arts that meet early in the academic session to discuss and make sure that all students seeking under SC/ST/OBC category, meritorious and deserving students belonging to economically weaker section are provided with the best of all support services. The Committee/s also decides to offer financial aid and book concession to needy students.Persons with Physical Disabilities (PwD) receive waiver/concession of fees as per the following recommendations from the University of Delhi.

The following is a list of all such concession/aid offered to students in the last four years:

Academic Session

Type of Scholarship/ Freeship

Number of Students

Total Amount Disbursed



261 (Rs. 180/- each)

Rs. 46,980.00

Book Aid

264 (Rs. 400/- each)

Rs. 1,05,600.00



427 (Rs. 180/- each)

Rs. 76,860.00

Book Aid

427 (Rs. 320/- each)

Rs. 1,36,640.00



509 (Rs. 180/- each)

Rs. 91,620.00

Book Aid

511 (Rs. 320/- each)

Rs. 1,63,520.00



342 (Rs. 180/- each)

Rs. 61,560.00

Book Aid

342 (Rs. 320/- each)

Rs. 1,09,440.00

Fee Concession Committee
  1. Dr. Usha Kashyap, Convenor
  2. Dr. S.B Rathore
  3. Dr. Mast Ram
  1. Dr. Satya Priya Pandey, Convenor
  2. Dr. Gayatri Chaturvedi
  3. Ms. Deepti Sharma
  4. Dr. Amitabh Kumar
  1. Dr. Vijay Sharma, Convenor
  2. Mr. Balram Kindra
  3. Dr. Ashu Gupta