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Mathematics & Computer Science

  1. Ms. Neelam Dabas
    1. Lecture Notes on SQL
    2. Lecture 1
    3. Lecture 2
    4. Assignment-queries
    5. Assignment-DBMS-GE
    6. Relational Algebra-I
    7. Relational Algebra-II
    8. Relational Algebra-III
  2. Ms. Mamta
    1. B.Sc(PH.Sc)- C.S
    2. Notes on JSP
    3. lecture note on JSP
    4. Assignment
    5. EL (expression language)
    6. Assignment Set 2 CS(IT)
    7. jstl core library
    8. Lecture on objects
    9. Lecture on implicit objects
    10. Assignment on jsp
  3. Mr. Sushil Kumar
    1. Lecture notes of Computer System Architecture( Week 1)
    2. Lecture notes of Microprogramme Control
    3. Lecture notes of database_normalization
    4. Google Class room
  4. Dr. Anuj Sharma, Mr. Balram Kindra, Rahul Tomar,Mr. Subodh Kumar
    1. B. Sc.(Phy. Science) VI Sem
    2. B. Sc.(Phy. Science) IV Sem
    3. Conic Sections for B. Sc. II Sem
    4. B. Sc.(Phy. Science) II and VI Sem
    5. Uniform Convergence and Power Series
    6. Physical Sciences Semester 2, Calculus(Week 2)
    7. B. Sc. Phy. VI (Transportation and Network Flow Problems)
    8. B. Sc. Phy. VI (numerical Method)
    9. Assignment for B.SC. Physical Sciences IV Semester
    10. Assignment for B. Sc.(Phy. Science) II and VI Sem
    11. B.SC. (Physical Sciences) IV Semester.
    12. Study Material for B.Sc. Ist year Second Semester(Week 4).
    13. E- Materials for B. SC. Phy. Science VI Sem
    14. E- Materials for B. SC. Phy. Science VI Sem
  5. Dr. Ritu Agarwal
    1. Infinite Series
    2. content week Series-1
    3. E-content_Series2
  6. Dr. Seema Guglani
    1. Numerical Methods
    2. Lecture Notes
    3. linear algebra sem 2
    4. Differential equations sem 2
    5. Assignment, math hons sem 2
    6. Density dependent population growth model
    7. limited population growth model with harvesting
    8. linear algebra notes
    9. Unit 4 Predator-Prey and Epidemic
    10. orthogonality
    11. Method of Undetermined Coefficients and Variation of Parameters
    12. linear algebra assignment
    13. Homogeneous Linear Differential Equation
  7. Mr. Meghpal<, Subham Kumar/li>
    1. Convergence of Infinite Series
    2. Assignment for B.Sc Physical science 4 th sem ,Real analysis ,Sec A,B,C
    3. Study material,Riemann Integration & Uniform convergence
  8. Mr. Manoj Kumar
    1. B.A. (Hons.) Economics , 2 yr, Sem-IV (Numerical Methods)
    2. B.Sc. (Physical Sciences) Real Analysis, 2 year students, Sem-IV
    3. Numerical Methods for B.A. (Hons.) Economics , 2 yr, Sem-IV
    4. lecture notes (week 1 and 2) of Real Analysis for B.Sc. (Physical Sciences), 2 year students, Sem-IV (Section-C)
    5. Assignment-1 (Real Analysis) for B.Sc.(phy.Sci.) 2yr Sem-IV,Section C.
    6. Assignment-2 (Real Analysis) B.Sc.(phy.Sci.) 2yr Sem-IV,Section C.
    7. Assingment for B.A.(Hons.) Economics 2yr Sem IV
    8. Finite difference method for linear ODE
    9. Numerical methos for ODE
  9. Mr. shubham dhiman
    1. e-content of three weeks for B.Sc.(physical science) 2nd year, 4th semester, section A of Real Analysis.
    2. e-content of three weeks for B.Sc.(Physical Science) 3rd year, 6th semester, section A and B of Numerical Methods.
    3. Interpolation with unequal intervals
    4. e-content for B.Sc.(physical science) 4th semester, section-A of real analysis.
    5. Assignment (Numerical Methods), B.Sc.(physical science) 6th semester, section-A and B.
    6. e-content of topic- Elements of analysis (Real Analysis) B.Sc.(Physical Science) 4th semester, section-A..
    7. Assignment for B.Sc.(Physical Science) 4th semester, section- A.
    8. e-content of elements of analysis part-2 (Real Analysis) 4th semester, section:-A.
    9. e-content of Methods to solve ordinary differential equations (Numerical Methods), 6th semester, section:- A and B.
    10. e-content of topic-Piecewise & Cubic Spline Interpolation (Numerical Methods) for B.Sc.(Physical Science) 6th semester, Section- A & B..
    11. e-content of topic- Gaussian Quadrature (Numerical Methods) for B.Sc.(Physical Science) 6th semester Section-A & B.

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