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In any institution of higher learning, the library as the storehouse of knowledge needs to play a pivotal role. A modern library goes far beyond providing the readers with a large stock of books and periodicals, and a quiet, serene and comfortable place to study in. It is supposed to provide the readers information on the entire wealth of knowledge available on any selected topic on a mere click of a button. Apart from the physical books stocked within the library walls, it needs to provide the readers with access to shared E-resources from across the world. The SLC Library with its dynamic librarian and “always ready to help” staff has been continuously striving to keep pace with the changing times to provide the students with the very best of facilities.

The well-stocked Library has a rich collection of nearly 70,000 books on Science, Economics, Commerce, English Literature, Hindi, Political Science, History, Journalism, Environmental Science and Biology as well as periodicals and journals on these subjects.

The fully automated library with a dedicated server and computers with internet connections accessible to faculty and students alike, the Library is now part of Delhi University Library Network, and has access to all its E-resources. Apart from a decent reading space for the students and faculty to study in, the students can also borrow text as well as reference books from the Library. It is intended to make the Library fully air-conditioned soon, as part of the on-going renovation work in the College


Library Membership
  • Students can become members of the Library after getting their Identity Cards from the College Office.
  • Students are entitled to issue a maximum of four books.
  • All faculty members (Permanent and Adhoc), College staff (Permanent) and Retired Staff are allowed membership and borrowing facilities.
Loan Privilege

For Under Graduate Students   -   04 Books   -   14 Days

For Post Graduate Students   -   04 Books   -   14 Days

Teaching Staff   -   20 Books   -   30 Days

Non Teaching Staff   -   10 Books   -   30 Days

Renewal of Library Membership

All student and faculty members are required to renew their Library Cards at the beginning of the new session. No books can be issued without following the renewal procedure.

Issue of Duplicate Library Card

In case the Library Card is lost, Duplicate Card will be issued against a payment of Rs. 50/- for students only. Library Users will be held responsible for any loss which the Library may suffer through loss or misuse of their Library Card.

Books Lending (Issue) Service

  • Library Books from the Stack Room are issued to the Students for 14 days only. They have to show their Library Card at the Circulation Counter.
  • Before getting any book issued Library users/students should satisfy themselves that its pages are intact, if any page is missing, the Counter/Library staff should be informed and asked to sign to confirm the missing pages, failing which the students/Library users will be held responsible for the missing pages and asked to replace the book or cost of book.

Books Return Service

Students must return the issued books on or before the date last stamped (or within 14 days of the date of issue of the books).

Fine Collection on Late returning of Library Books

Students will have to pay fine if they fail to return the Library Books on time. Rupees one per day per book will be charged for late return of book.

Issue of No-Due/Clearance Certificate

  • All the students have to obtain a Clearance Certificate from the Library before leaving the College and whenever required.
  • Failed students are required to return the issued Library books.

E-Services include:-

On-line Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Library on-line catalogue is available for Library users. Near the Circulation Counter, two terminals are available for OPAC.
  • Users can search Library Books here by typing either
    Authors' Name,
    Classified Number,
    Accession Number,
    Subject, or
    Publisher's Name

Any user who wants to know more on ' How to use OPAC' may contact the Librarian.

Internet Services

Library users can access internet on computers in the Library Computer Lab. 35 computers are available for Library users.

E-Journals and E-Books

1. In-House Access:

Library users can access e-Journals and e-books in the Library which are subscribed by the Delhi University Library system.

DU Library Subscribed e-Resources

2. Remote- Access:

Library users can access e-Journals and e-books in the Library as well as elsewhere outside the Library through the N-LIST programme.


Library Services include:-

Personal assistant provided to the Library users in the Reference Section. The Reference books are only for consultation within the Library against Library Card.

1. Reference Services

It is to assist users in getting their required information and make full use of the resources in the library. It includes:

  • Guidance in the use of information resources and services.
  • Instructions for accessing on line library e-resources provided by Delhi University Library System.
  • Including OPAC, e-journals, e-books etc.
2. New Arrival Display Service

Books newly added to the library are displayed on the New Arrival Display Rack before they are released for loan.

3. Reservation of Books
Books in great demand and which generally remain under issue can be reserved by user on the circulation counter.

4. Newspapers in Hindi and English (more than 15).

5. Internet Access
Thirty five Computer Terminals have been placed for users for accessing Internet and E-Resources provided by DULS.

6. Previous year's Question Papers.

7. Syllabus.

8. Literature Search Service.

Do’s and Don’t

  • You are to enter the Library only with Library Card.
  • Maintain absolute silence inside and outside the library.
  • Members are requested to see the Library Notice Board for Notifications and Regulations.
  • Readers are requested to Switch-off their Cell-Phones inside the Library.
  • Issued books are to be return in time.
  • Books can be reserved at the circulation counter.

Library Opening Time

Monday to Friday - 08.30 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.
Saturday - 08.30 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. (Opens only whenever classes take place)
Circulation (Issue - Return) Time
Monday to Friday - 9.30 A.M. to 1.00 P.M. & 2.00 P.M. to 3.00 P.M.

(Library will remain closed on all Sundays and Gazetted Holidays)

The collection of the Library at present consists of more than seventy six thousand books. The range of subjects of the collection includes:

  • Social Sciences: History, Political Science, Economics, Commerce.
  • Sciences and Technology: Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics.
  • Applied Sciences: Electronics and Engineering.
  • Humanities: Hindi and English.

In addition to the above listed subjects, the library has a rich collection of books on Art, Literature, Religion, Civilisation, General Knowledge and Sports. Apart from books, the library regularly subscribes to a large number of daily newspapers, a wide variety of popular magazines & journal.

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