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Innovation Council 2020-21

Innovation Council: SLC established Innovation Council (IC) under MHRD's Innovation Cell, an initiative launched in November of 2018. The primary mandate of Innovation Cell, MHRD is to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by supporting them to work with new ideas. SLC's Innovation Council works towards inculcating the spirit of innovation among students, and develop a start-up ecosystem. In IC, SLC students participate in mentoring sessions, workshops and innovative idea competitions. Since its inception, the IC, SLC has produced and developed very promising startup ideas such as Sajagta, Steam Power generator, Infollege, and Abhikalpana etc. The IC, SLC faculty members (4) have successfully completed the Ambassador Training Programme conducted by Innovation Cell, MHRD and it has received 2 stars since its establishment.

MHRD IC organized a POCs Participation and Regional Mentoring Session in a total of 12 cities of India, with the U.P. Uttarakhand and Delhi regions' one being organized by the Netaji Subhash University is Technology (NSUT), Dwarka, New Delhi. 6 students of Shyam Lal College with their 4 of the most promising startup ideas, namely Sajagta, Steam Power generator, Infollege, and Abhikalpana, attended the session under the supervision of teacher mentors.

The members of Innovation Council of Shyam Lal College visited the hub of Design Innovation Centre (DIC), University Of Delhi on 04/03/2020 under the guidance of faculty members. The purpose of the visit was to see the various product development activities, with a view to consider possible implementation of some of the activities at our own institute and promote a culture of innovation and creative problem solving. As a part of the visit, the members received knowledge about the way students carry out different projects, the challenges they faced in their paths etc.

The Innovation Council of Shyam Lal College, University of Delhi organized a virtual speaker session on 9th May 2020. This webinar titled 'Navigation Through Entrepreneurship', had Ms. Tanya Kapoor, a Mentor at Atal Innovation Mission, as the keynote speaker. The Webinar had its focus on how founders, students and sometimes even mentors have many misconceptions regarding entrepreneurship. Discussions went on clarifying a plethora of sub-topics such as Entrepreneurship vs.Intrapreneurship, Scope of Agripreneurship after COVID-19 pandemic, Women Entrepreneurship, and more.




Institution's Innovation Council (IIC), in collaboration with IQAC organized a session on NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY with the focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The orientation session was conducted on November 25, 2020 on the virtual platform Zoom. The eminent speaker for the session was Prof V K Kaul, Department of Business Economics, University of Delhi who had addressed more than 167 participants of the session. He immensely enlightened the pivotal highlights about the National Education Policy (NEP). He also elaborated on the possible facets of the policy to dive deeper into the aspects of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The session began with the welcome note by Dr Monika Goyal, Convenor, IIC and Dr Kusha Tiwari, Convenor, IQAC. Further, Prof Rabi Narayan Kar, Principal of the college greeted Prof Kaul and congratulated Innovation Council for organizing an elucidating session encompassing the unrestrained possibilities in NEP.

Prof Kaul has keenly shot his views and priceless perspective by introducing the concept of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in New Education Policy. Due the course of discourse, it was also clarified that Innovation is not just a primary process but also a perpetual process in every field. Discovery of new Ideas, knowledge and concept leads to Invention of technologies and business models which in turn leads to the Innovation and a fruitful Implementation. The process of commercialization and entrepreneurship was further ushered in. The notion of Innovation was advocated as the process which unites two distinct processes, invents a new knowledge. The Entrepreneurship was defined as a process which transforms a knowledge into a new set of value creation through distinct activities. Sir further shared a handful of anecdotes on the Global Crisis. Covid 19 Pandemic has altered the mobilization levels of global resources. He also gave information on US-China Tech wars (beyond a Trade-war) quoting that "World will be dominated by the one who control and dominate in Artificial Intelligence". Coming to the status of India in Innovation, he pointed out various emerging challenges like unemployment, modern technological changes etc. and confessed that this NEP would transform the Education policy after more than 30 years and will also be a game changer for all. This policy is expected to fetch a major quantitative as well as qualitative changes in the Education System. The Institutional Governance as its integration on essential subjects, skills and capacities of an individual would open up new ways in life. The session was concluded with key takeaways by Prof Kaul that this NEP is inclined to sharpen the skills of a student to make him more self-reliant and efficient to serve the future of the nation. Dr Monika Goyal, Convenor, IIC also extended a heartfelt gratitude to Prof Kaul for such an inspirational session and looking forward for more such sessions in the near future.

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The following Leadership Talk series are organized by Innovation Cell, MHRD, GOI. The talks were attended by all the student and faculty members of the Innovation Council of Shyam Lal College.

S.No Date Topic
1 28th of April, 2020 National Innovation and Start-up Policy for Students and Faculty 2019
2 28th of April, 2020 Role and Importance of Pre-Incubators, Incubators and Accelerators in HEIs.
3 30th of April, 2020 Hangout with Emerging Innovator & Entrepreneurs Supported through MIC & AICTE
4 1st of May, 2020 Role of Network Enablers in driving I&E in HEIs - A Case of TiE, India
5 4th of May, 2020 Role of Network Enablers in driving I&E in HEIs - A Case of TiE, India
6 5th of May, 2020 Entrepreneurship, Business Idea and Business Model Canvas (by EDII)
7 6th of May, 2020 How to Identify Right Problem and Solution using the Double Diamond Approach in Design
8 7th of May, 2020 Intellectual Property (IP) Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-ups
9 8th of May, 2020 Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding
10 12th of May, 2020 Legal and Ethical Steps- Productive Entrepreneurship and Start-Up
11 13th of May, 2020 Innovating Self- Screen and Identify right opportunities
12 14th of May, 2020 Understanding Role and Application of Marketing Research at Idea to Start-Up Stage
13 15th of May, 2020 Innovation Risk Diagnostic- Product Innovation Rubric (PIR)
14 19th of May, 2020 Idea, business model and business plan
15 20th of May, 2020 Use of Market Data, Application of Marketing Research Tools & Methodology -Advance Level
16 21st of May, 2020 Frugal Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship

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