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Dear Students,

I greet all members of the large family:- Our students, fellow colleagues in teaching and non- teaching ...

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  1. MS. Reeta Sharma
    1. 1st Assignment B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    2. 2nd Assignment ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    3. 3rd Assignment ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    4. 4rd Assignment ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    5. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    6. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    7. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    8. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    9. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    10. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
    11. E-Content ,B.Sc(P) IIYear,IV sem
  2. Ms. Reshu Chaudhary
    1. 1st Assignment
    2. 2nd Assignment
    3. Lecture 1
    4. Lecture 1
    5. assignment 3
    6. Lecture (Notes)
    7. notes- Diels Alder reaction
    8. Lecture (Notes)
    9. Virtual Practical

      1. Virtual practical B.Sc II sem
      2. Virtual practical B.Sc VI sem
      3. Virtual practical B.Sc H VI sem
  3. Dr. Vinod Kumar
    1. B.Sc.(H) Physical Chemistry Paper II Semester
    2. Instructions, Chemistry Practical II Semester, Sec-B
    3. Instructions For B.Sc.(P) Chemistry Practical IV Semester, Section-A And B
    4. Lecture Notes of B.Sc.(H) II Semester Physical Chemistry
    5. Lecture Notes Of B.Sc.(H) II Semester, Physical Chemistry Paper
  4. Dr. Ashu Gupta
    1. Notes for SEC paper green chemistry
    2. Assignment 1
    3. Assignment 2 for SEC paper green chemistry
    4. Virtual lab-for systematic qualitative organic analysis for organic compounds
    5. Books referred
  5. Dr. Arkaja goswami
    1. The Sodium-Potassium Pump
    2. Brief introduction of Bio inorganic ,role of metal ion present in biological system with special reference to Na+,K+ and Mg++
    3. 2-Minute Neuroscience: Sodium-Potassium Pump
    4. Role of Mg++
    5. Assignment ( || )of B.Sc final year
    6. Determination of Viscosity using Ostwald Viscometer (With observation and Calculation). Hindi - B.Sc 2nd yr
    7. Determination of Surface Tension by Drop Count Method (with calculation and explanation in Hindi), B.Sc 2nd yr
    8. Innovative idea for covid19
    9. Test
  6. Dr. Ompal yadav
    1. Assignment, B.Sc IV Sem
    2. Solid State Physical Chemistry B.Sc. (Prog) IV Semester.
    3. Lecture Notes Solid State(2), B.Sc. IV Semester.
    4. Lecture Notes Kinetic Theroy
    5. Lecture notes Physical Chemistry topic Sold State 3 B.Sc.(Prog) IV Semester
    6. Lecture notes Physical Chemistry topic Sold State 4 B.Sc.(Prog) IV Semester
    7. Theory Notes of Liquid State, Theory Notes of Liquid State
    8. Practical (SEC) Green Methods in Chemistry
    9. Theory Notes Solid State
    10. Theory Notes Solid State, B.Sc. (Prog.) IV semester section A & B.
    11. theory Notes Liquid B.Sc. (Prog) IV Semester Section A & B.
    12. Chemistry, Virtual Practical . B.Sc. (Prog.) II semester
  7. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
    1. organic chemistry notes B.sc.II sem
    2. Assignment for B.Sc.II sem chemistry
    3. organic chemistry notes B.sc.II sem, Alkyl halides
    4. Aromatic hydrocarobons---organic chemistry notes B.Sc.(PS) IIsem
    5. organic chemistry notes B.sc.II sem----aldehydes and ketones
    6. alcohols and phenols---organic chemistry notes B.Sc.(PS) IIsem
    7. physical chemistry experiment B.Sc.(H) chem
  8. Dr. Rinki Choudhary
    1. Unit -1 Thermochemistry
    2. Unit-2 Chemical equilibrium
    3. Physical Chemistry 2nd sem
    4. Physical Chemistry 2nd sem, Unit 1- 3rd law
    5. Physical Chemistry 2nd sem, Bond energy
    9. Assignment 2 B.Sc Prog II sem Physical chemistry

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