WDC Activities 2021-22
S.No. Name Link
1 Faculty Members and Students Team view
2 Celebration of International Women’s Day, 8th March, 2022 view
3 Workshop “Say Bye to Stress” view
4 "Gender Counselling Report on “The second gender-Considerations and deliberations” view
5 "COUNSELLING SESSION REPORT On “Looking after our mental health during Covid-19” view
6 Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Campaign-WDC with NSS and SAP view
7 Personal Health and Hygiene of Women- WDC with NSS and SAP view
8 Diet and Nutrition for Pregnant Women-WDC with NSS and SAP view
WDC Activities 2020-21
S.No. Name Link
1 Faculty Members and Students Team view
2 "Counselling Session Report on “Busting stress: The Real Challenge of Covid-19”" view
3 National Webinar & Debate Competition view
4 "National Webinar on Challenges for Women during Covid 19 Pandemic" view
5 National Webinar on Mental Health and Well-being in Present Times view
6 "Counselling Session Report On“ Making your mental and physical health in Covid-19”" view
7 Counselling Session Report on “The Career Path Ahead” view
8 Counselling Session Report on “Covid-19-New situations and Challenges” view
WDC Activities 2019-20
S.No. Name Link
1 Career Counselling Report On ‘Career Progression: The Technological Path Ahead view
2 Gender Counselling Report on ‘Gender Inequality Concerns’ view
3 Counselling session report on ‘mental and emotional well being during covid-19’ view
4 Career counselling session on‘what after graduation?’ view
5 Faculty Members and Students Team view
6 International Conference view
7 National Webinar on Credibility Crisis in Media amidst Covid-19 view
WDC Activities 2018-19
S.No. Name Link
1 Nationwide Quiz Competition view
2 Career Counselling report ON‘DONE WITH GRADUATION: WHAT NEXT?’ view
3 Career Counselling report on ‘Higher education or job?’ view
4 Counselling session report on ‘stigmatization of gender’ view
WDC Activities 2017-18
S.No. Name Link
1 Career counselling report on ‘career counselling: the swot analysis’ view
2 Counselling report on ‘Types of sexual harassment' view
3 Seminar on Understanding Issues in Gender Disparity view
4 Career Counselling Report On ‘Career Counselling the way ahead: Clearing the air!’ view
5 National Seminar on Indian Women Past, Present and Future view
6 Counselling Report on ‘BEATING THE STRESS’ view
WDC Activities 2016-17
S.No. Name Link
1 Counselling Session on ‘Sexual Harassment: Problems And Solutions view
2 Talk Session with Ms. Madhureeta Anand view
3 Career Counselling Session Report on ‘Entrepreneurship: The right path ahead?’ view
4 Career Counselling Session Report on‘Following your dreams’ view
5 Documentary film, Its a Girl view
6 National Conference view